52 Weeks of Giving
The Brown Suga Co. & Cookie Boutique

52 Weeks of Giving

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The Brown Suga Co. is doing something new this year called 52 Weeks of Giving. 

Here's how it works: 

  • each week you nominate someone who could use some LOVE, OR ENCOURAGEMENT, OR SUGA in the form of a cookie box
  • Message me via FB or Instagram @thebrownsugaco and tell me why this person is deserving
  • The Brown Suga Co will gift them a "surprise" cookie box along with a personalized note

Imagine their delight! 

Imagine yours because IT'S ON THE HOUSE! 

We're spreading ALLLLLLL the love and ALLLLLLL the brown suga this year! 

Nominations open at the beginning of the week cookie boxes are shipped or picked up the following Wed. 

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